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Introducing Thunderbolt Equine to New England, NSW

Horse owners and trainers based in the New England now have access to dedicated equine veterinary care. Thunderbolt Equine Vet is a new 100% equine veterinary practice based in Armidale and servicing the New England/Northern tablelands. Equine veterinarian Calum Paltridge is making the move home to the New England with his wife Emilie Paltridge after…

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Hendra Vaccination

Hendra virus is a disease that is spread from bats (flying foxes) to horses. Horses may then transmit the disease to humans or other animals. In horses, the disease is invariably fatal, and in humans it is very likely to be fatal or leave you with life- long issues. While a case of Hendra virus…

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Faecal Egg Count (FEC)

Do you need to deworm your horse(s)? and if yes is your deworming program effective? On the long run, FEC might save you some money as you may find out you need to deworm only few horses out of a herd. It can also tell you if the type of wormers you are using are…

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