Your Appointment

Please be aware that we expect your horse to be either caught or in a small yard when we arrive. Please be aware: a handling fee may apply under extreme circumstances (dangerous/unhandled horses)

Mobile Crush

We have a portable horse crush. This allows us to safely examine your horse on your property. The crush is useful for reproductive examinations, standing surgery, dentistry and so much more. The crush makes it safer for your horse, and safer for us

Travel Fee

We don’t make any money out of travel fee. It covers fuel, car loan, car repairs, car service every 3 months, new tires every 6 months, car insurance, wear and tear and our time on the road. We know it’s a big part of the cost for you and it is a sensitive subject to us! We will do our best to group calls per area when possible and share travel will apply. If you do not wish to pay for travel you can bring your horse in to us at 178 Andersons Rd, Castle Doyle.