Before you send your mare away somewhere else to be bred, consider us. We have a portable horse crush and ultrasound and can perform most reproductive services on farm.We also have facilities in Armidale adjacent to the NEGS equestrian centre. You can bring your mare to us for scans and breeding work, and we have safe and secure yards for mares and foals if you wish to leave them with us for breeding.

We have extensive experience in the thoroughbred and performance horse industries and should be your first point of call for breeding your next champion.

Services provided

  • Scans for evaluation of stage of cycle
  • Pregnancy checks
  • Artificial insemination (frozen and chilled) Artificial Insemination PACKAGES 2023-2024
  • Embryo transfer: We have access to a limited number of recipient mares. We can also use your recipient mare
  • Stallion collection Stallion Collection Request Form
  • Management of difficult mares
  • Reproductive surgery
  • Foal medicine